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Superior Network Performance in Any Environment

The primary mission of military and civilian federal agencies—protecting and serving citizens—depends on reliable access to information. The means to access this information is improving but is also an everchanging landscape. As the number of devices and channels to access data grow, so does the need for an efficient and effective network.

CommScope is committed to helping federal organizations update their network infrastructure in a scalable, cost-effective, and secure manner. We are the only company to offer a complete licensed and unlicensed suite of wireless products with the ethernet switching products, cable and fiber infrastructure to support agencies implementation of 5G, private LTE and Wi-Fi 6. Мы облегчаем жизнь специалистам ИТ благодаря уменьшению совокупной стоимости владения (TCO), что позволяет быстрее выполнять модернизацию информационных технологий.

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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to network connectivity. Connect with our dedicated team to discuss what solutions best meet your needs.

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Лучший пользовательский опыт

A better user experience means a more productive organization. Беспроводные сети компании CommScope, от внешнего Wi-Fi до сотовой связи внутри помещений и всего остального, соединяют ваших постоянных пользователей везде и всюду, позволяя им быть всегда на связи.

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Надежность и безопасность

Благодаря 40-летнему опыту работы в сети, включая структурированные кабельные системы, проводной и беспроводной доступ, компания CommScope создает сети ИТ и ОТ, которые помогут вам добиться стабильных, безопасных, бесперебойных соединений для ваших людей и вещей.

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Простота и эффективность

Компания CommScope упрощает сложность сети, сводя к минимуму ее разрозненность, объединяя проводную и беспроводную инфраструктуру, автоматизируя мониторинг сети и предоставляя единый источник для управления всем вашим физическим уровнем.

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Независимые исследователи в отрасли неизменно считают компанию CommScope лидером на мировом рынке беспроводной связи внутри зданий. From DAS to small cells, we’ve got you covered.


Ищете прочный коммутатор или с военными техническими требованиями?

CommScope has partnered with Crystal Group to deliver rugged versions of our RUCKUS ICX switches. Смотрите список доступных коммутаторов Rugged ICX компании Crystal Group.

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Дополнительные ресурсы

  • RUCKUS High Density 1G Solution

    As networks trend toward fixed form factor (FFF) switches, so do the requirements for flexibility, agility, scalability, and density. Internal IT organizations struggle to keep pace with the fluidity of modern-day business demands where network consolidation and reallocations are commonplace. For applications where size, weight, and power (SWaP) are a crucial factor, support for high-density 1G/10G can be critical. Such applications include fiber to the desktop, fiber-connected IoT sensors, and embedded systems.
  • RUCKUS Wi-Fi Federal Overview

    Federally certified Wi-Fi solutions are limited within the federal market. CommScope offers Wi-Fi solutions to connect in any environment.
  • Брошюра. CommScope Federal Professional Services

    CommScope’s Managed Networking Solution assists federal system integrators (FSIs) with launching cloud-hosted, managed, wired and Wi-Fi networks that are IoT ready. The service helps speed up modernization efforts while allowing the FSI to focus on the broader program requirements and other aspects of the technology refresh.
  • Брошюра. Public Safety Wireless Network for Federal Agencies

    Whether in a federal office building in Washington, DC, or in a vast, widespread military base across the country, public safety responders need the right infrastructure for cellular and Wi-Fi to connect when time is of the essence.
  • CommScope Home Networking Solutions

    As companies adjust to the new normal of mass telework, corporate decision makers are looking for simpler ways to extend network services securely and efficiently to remote workers.
  • Статья. CBRS Top 5 Things You Should Know

    By unlocking the 3,5 GHz band, FCC has made it possible for government agencies to deploy their own private wireless networks in quickly, providing secure and high performance wireless connectivity for critical applications.
In-building Connectivity for Federal Agencies

CommScope can help federal agencies solve their in-building connectivity challenges. Find out how we can revolutionize your productivity and enable your agency to do more with upgraded technology and connectivity solutions.

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RUCKUS Portfolio for government

Federal agencies require robust, reliable wireless connectivity, both in-building and on-campus. The CommScope RUCKUS® portfolio offers federal agency and defense users the reliability, scalability, performance and security needed to effectively communicate in a wireless environment.

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Digital DAS for government

Government office buildings, operational sites and military bases increasingly require ubiquitous, multioperator in-building cellular connectivity for staff productivity and resident quality of life. CommScope’s all-digital ERA® distributed antenna system makes in-building cellular simple, scalable and more economical.

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