Служба городского широкополосного радиовещания (CBRS)

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Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) has the potential to transform wireless services in the U.S. by enabling all types of enterprises and service providers to build and operate LTE and 5G networks. CBRS creates an innovative spectrum sharing arrangement that gives these organizations access to high-quality wireless spectrum at low or no cost.

CBRS is driving a new wave of wireless applications that range from industrial IoT to bridging the digital divide for under-served rural and urban users.

Что такое CBRS?

CBRS is a spectrum allocation model defined by the U.S. FCC that allows up to 150 MHz in the 3,5 GHz spectrum band to be dynamically shared by different users in an orderly, non-interfering way, at lower cost than in the traditional exclusive use model. CBRS defines three tiers of spectrum-use rights.

SAS Diagram


Tier 1 Incumbents

U.S. Federal Government, fixed satellite users and other incumbents

Tier 2 Priority Access License (PAL)

companies that have acquired, via auction, exclusive use of a portion of 70 MHz of the spectrum within a geographical area for a finite period.

Tier 3 General Authorized Access (GAA)

shared use of 80 MHz of the spectrum on an as-available, dynamic basis.

Почему CommScope?

CommScope recognizes and embraces the potential of CBRS. We have invested in multiple areas of product development with commercially available access points, base station antennas and related RF path equipment, home gateways, device security certificates, and specialized CPI certification training. We are founding members and active contributors to the OnGo Alliance (formerly the CBRS Alliance).

CBRS is a logical fit with CommScope’s strengths in spectrum management, RF performance, and enterprise and home network deployment. Our CBRS offerings are natural extensions of existing products and services and thus leverage proven capabilities.

Solution breadth icon

Solution breadth

CommScope offers CBRS access points, home gateways, base station antennas, installation training and more.

5G-LTE leadership icon

5G/LTE leadership

CBRS is simply a new way to deliver LTE and 5G. We have proven expertise in these technologies with small cells, distributed antenna systems, spectrum management and more.

Simplified enterprise deployment icon

Simplified enterprise deployment

Borrowing from our RUCKUS enterprise Wi-Fi heritage, we’ve designed our enterprise CBRS systems to be as easy to install and manage as Wi-Fi.

Partner ecosystem icon

Партнерская экосистема

We offer certified interoperability with device and packet core (EPC) vendors. Our network of system integrators provides an end-to-end solution consisting of CommScope and third-party elements.


CommScope collaborates with Microsoft to Advance Industrial Manufacturing with Private Wireless

Watch this video to see how CommScope deploys CBRS access points with Microsoft Azure private MEC to create agile factories and transform workforce efficiency

What is CBRS used for?

CBRS is ideal for applications that require cost-effective access to spectrum, large coverage range, predictability of performance, mobility, and security.


Фиксированный беспроводной доступ

by wireless ISPs (WISPs), by wired broadband providers seeking to expand their footprint, or by individual companies and organizations on behalf of their own users.

Learn more about fixed wireless access solutions


Частные сети

for business-critical enterprise applications that require security, mobility and predictable levels of performance, such as operational communications in factories, construction sites and sporting venues. In these environments, CBRS is being used for push-to-talk communications, IP video camera backhaul and long-range IoT connectivity.

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Capacity augmentation

for mobile network operators (MNOs) who can use the CBRS frequency band when needed for peak demand, without having to invest in permanent capacity.

Watch the webinar replay to learn more

To learn more, visit CBRS Use Cases.

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