Assure home services with Wi-Fi 6 /6E enabled solutions

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Широкополосная связь для дома как никогда важна для работы из дома, обучения из дома, ухода на дому и отдыха. Delivering reliable, high-performance all the way to the end device is critical for improving customer satisfaction and reducing support costs.

That’s why our broad portfolio of Wi-Fi 6 enabled home gateways is designed to combine the high-speed, low-latency connectivity users crave—with the reach and reliability cable operators demand. And with HomeAssure®, our service management platform, service providers can simplify Wi-Fi installation, optimize connectivity, and gain valuable insights that reduce service issues and support costs.

Look out for news of our forthcoming future Wi-Fi 6E gateways which use the new uncongested 6GHz spectrum to offer even higher levels of performance and reliability.

Learn more about how services providers can deliver amazing, connected experiences to subscribers in this short video.


Home networking solutions that elevate the user experience


DOCSIS 3.1 Gateways

CommScope has developed a comprehensive line of DOCSIS 3.1 modems and gateways that offer the performance, features, and management capabilities that have made us a global leader in cable home network solutions for decades. Our gateway solutions deliver multi-gigabit broadband, enhanced Wi-Fi 6, and increased upstream capacity with high split. And when they’re part of a HomeAssure Managed Wi-Fi solution, our gateways can help you bring new levels of simplicity, performance, and coverage to the home network.

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Шлюзы пассивной оптической сети (PON)

For service providers that are deploying PON, CommScope’s full portfolio of gateways deliver managed voice, video, data, and IoT services that include options for GPON and XGS-PON. No matter which PON technology you deploy, your subscribers can make the most of fiber access speeds with advanced features such as 2,5 Gbps Ethernet and Wi-Fi 6. Our gateways are interoperable with your OLT since they’re standards compliant and Broadband Forum certified. And they are capable of being part of a HomeAssure Managed Wi-Fi solution for optimized, high-performance Wi-Fi.

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Управляемая сеть Wi-Fi для всего дома

For service providers who want to maximize customer satisfaction and reduce support costs, CommScope’s HomeAssure® Managed Wi-Fi solution is here to help. HomeAssure’s cloud management improves Wi-Fi reliability and performance to increase customer satisfaction and reduce support costs, with proactive, intelligent optimization that delivers higher performance for all consumers. And for the large home, additional Wi-Fi Extenders create a self-optimizing mesh Wi-Fi network to improve coverage by eliminating dead spots. HomeAssure also makes Wi-Fi easy for subscribers to install and use.

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Wi-Fi 6 & Wi-Fi 6E

When you’re ready to take home networking speed and performance to the next level, Wi-Fi 6 is here. The latest evolution of wireless networking, Wi-Fi 6 delivers gigabit broadband throughout the home, while increasing throughput, decreasing latency, and supporting more device connections than ever before. CommScope’s Wi-Fi 6 enabled gateways, access points, and extenders are built on decades of broadband CPE experience and backed by our reputation for quality, on-time delivery, and proven support.

And with the availability of new uncongested 6GHz spectrum, Wi-Fi 6E enabled devices will soon be available to deliver even higher levels of performance and reliability.

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Шлюзы фиксированного беспроводного доступа

Предоставление конкурентоспособных услуг широкополосной связи массового спроса по сетям LTE, CBRS и 5G, которые обеспечиваются домашними шлюзами и решениями RAN для самостоятельной установки потребителями.

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xDSL & Ethernet Gateways

Шлюзы CommScope xDSL предоставляют управляемые услуги передачи голоса, видео и данных, подключенные через медные сети доступа ADSL+, VDSL2. Шлюзы также могут быть подключены к внешним сетям PON ONT/ONU или активному медиаконвертеру Ethernet через порт Ethernet WAN.

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