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30 Август 2021 г.

FCC Seeks Comment on Proposed FY2022 Eligible Services List

On 27 Август 2021 г., the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a Public Notice (DA 21-1062) establishing the comment period for the Funding Year (FY) 2022 Eligible Services List (ESL).

Comments on the draft ESL, which is attached to the Public Notice, are due to the FCC on or before 27 Сентябрь 2021 г.. Reply comments are due to the FCC on or before 12 Октябрь 2021 г.. For information on filing comments with the FCC, please refer to the Public Notice.

COVID-19 Response

The FCC has taken a number of steps to provide relief to E-rate program participants affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and USAC is working with the FCC to implement this relief. 

New Rules for 2021 and beyond…

  • Бюджеты категории 2 будут откорректированы на 2021
  • Начиная с 2021 года, бюджеты категории 2 будут фиксироваться на каждый 5-летний период вперед
  • Начиная с 2021 года, бюджеты будут определяться по школьному округу или библиотечной системе
  • Funding Floor increase to $25 000
  • The per student budget allocation will be $171* for schools

*Annual cost of living expense not included in this amount

Education - 183833012 - 500 x 281 Card Hero
Education Product Ordering Guide for E-Rate

Learn about what CommScope products and services are available through E-Rate funding. Details about structured cabling and wireless product eligibility can all be found in this new Education Product Ordering Guide.

Systimax Uniprise



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6 Steps for Successful E-Rate Season

Uncover your E-rate budget and assess your networking needs and learn how CommScope can provide you with reliable school networks made simple.


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Инструмент бюджета категории 2  

Используйте калькулятор E-Rate, представленный E-Rate Profit Works, чтобы рассчитать и увидеть ваш фактический бюджет E-Rate категории2! Just have your billed entity number (BEN) ready. 


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