Coaxial drop cables

Superior shielding improves RF signal quality

DOCSIS 3.1 utilizes higher frequencies to deliver more bandwidth. Full Duplex uses echo cancellation technology to potentially double that. Today, your coaxial drop cables need to deliver higher RF performance.

XPRESSPREP® and XPRESSPREP® Plus coaxial cables provide superior shielding performance are tested to 1.218 GHz in order to meet and exceed DOCSIS 3.1 specifications.

Which XPRESSPREP is right for you?

Since 2008, CommScope has deployed billions of feet of XPRESSPREP cable. XPRESSPREP and XPRESSPREP Plus cables feature an innovative foil-and-braid design that blocks unwanted signals from penetrating the RF network, yet allows the signal to flow through the cable effortlessly.

XPRESSPREP drop cables are a recommended choice for all environments—both indoors and out. Where LTE interference is a concern, XPRESSPREP is designed to deliver better than -100 dB of shielding effectiveness after extensive stress testing.

XPRESSPREP Plus adds ~20 dB more shielding in the LTE band, and is recommended when specific applications like network co-locations require the extra shielding, or where the cable is exposed to extreme environmental conditions and additional shielding is desired.

BrightWire® corrosion resistant drop cables

With its distinctive golden foil, Brightwire, dry treated drop cables feature corrosion protection on all components - including treatment to the tape, braid and center conductor.

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